We’ve seen the Future of Food… and it’s local!

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We’ve seen the Future of Food… and it’s local!

There’s a lot of talk about “local” food nowadays… and with good reason.

People everywhere are starting to realize, en mass, that the way we’ve structured our food systems is… well, let’s say, “a little shaky.”

Conventionally…Most people’s main source of nourishment comes from miles away!  And not just a few miles, or even a hundred. – BUT THOUSANDS!

Thousands of miles in transport means days on the trucks, the use of more preservatives and additives, and absolute reliance on fuel prices and shipping costs.

Economically speaking… It’s a case of dependence on third parties and higher margins.

But socially speaking… it’s far worse.

When we lose our connection to food, we lose our connection to the natural world. – We lose the fiber that binds our society (and other things) together.  We start to second guess our role and place in the great mystery of life…

Plus… All it really takes is a bump in fuel prices, and we could have a serious problem on our hands.  (try to think ten or twenty years down the road… who knows, right?)

That’s why so many people are talking about “local” food. - it’s not just another group of folks who need a cause to support… there’s a genuine concern for our welfare at the heart of it!

With good reason…

As we roll on into the future… our cities grow and our populations increase. - But where’s all the extra food going to come from?

Are we just going to keep shipping everything from our already over-industrialized farm system?   Relying on fuel prices?  Denaturing our food further?– Hopefully not.

Well… Some people are working towards better options already.

All across the country, we see more and more innovators and doers forming community gardens, CSAs, and small-batch farms and restaurants…

And that’s the future of food!  – It’s about bringing the best parts of agrarian and urban life together! - We can do that now… it’s the 21stcentury, and we’re technologically capable like never before!

And that’s where COPIANA fits into the equation.– We may not be a dirt and sunshine operation… but we do hold the key to producing more food in the urban environment than has ever been possible before!

No small potatoes.

So as the future rolls on…and the conventional model shows more and more weaknesses…Who’s going to fill the gap?

 Who’s going to make sure that nutritious and wholesome food is available, anywhere?

 Who’s going to strengthen the immediately local economy by producing real food, right where people eat it?

Well… YOU! and ME! and COPIANA!

We’re all just pieces of the puzzle.  And when we bring it all together, it’s amazing to see what we can create!

When we look at the social and economic responsibility, quality of life, and connection to our environment that the local food movement provides… it’s really a no brainer.

Which way do you want to see the future go?

 Here at COPIANA… we’d like to make sure everybody has the bases covered… even in the most urban environments. 

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