Copiana has been a unique and popular addition to our tenant amenities here at Sterling Pointe. The program has created quite the buzz. As soon as the towers were installed, the tenants stopped by to see what was planted.  The tenants love to watch the products grow!

They are even more excited on Harvest Day. They can’t wait to take home produce from “their” towers. Visitors and prospective tenants are always curious about Copiana as well. Prospective tenants have been given fresh herbs after a property tour… about memorable!

The Copiana team is amazing. They communicate well with their clients and have always addressed any issues promptly. They are bursting with ideas, recipes and enthusiasm for their products and service.

Traci Porto, RPA®

Senior Property Manager

The Simpson Organization


The previous Crown Pointe owner & management company had created a designated smoking area within the courtyard of the property.  It was adjacent to the walkways between the buildings and the parking garage. The Madison Marquette management team decided to relocate the designated smoking area so that it would no longer be in the direct path of pedestrian traffic. We explored different options to repurpose what was known as the smoker’s hut.  We were delighted when we identified Copiana’s aeroponic garden service as a perfect solution.

Our partnership with Copiana has allowed us to create an urban farming environment that our tenants and guests can enjoy. Tenants say they enjoy watching the six farming towers grow in the greenhouse within the courtyard area. They anticipate the date of each harvest when they have an opportunity to select organic herbs and vegetables to take home. With Copiana as our service partner, we have been able to enhance the sense of community among our valued tenants.

Grace Meyers, RPA®

Vice President, Property Management



These are some of our clients. They come from a wide range of business types including property management, leasing, retail, hospitals, non-profits, schools and restaurants.