So What’s Aeroponics? And Why is it so great?

We’ve all been there. – You love the idea of growing fruit and vegetables BUT the work is way too much to manage…

Well, the good news is we’ve taken care of that.


When we farm using Aeroponic Technology, you get the most advanced and timely system available!

It’s not hydroponic, and it’s not conventional, and we take care of all the labor...

But what exactly is it?

Here’s a Few Key Benefits to Get You Started:

Use Way Less Space!

Aeroponic towers are the most space-saving gardening method available. Each tower uses 2.5’ square feet, but grows 28 plants or more! – That means your space is maximized and ‘copiously’ abundant, no matter what size. (you need at least ten times that space to grow conventionally)

Use Way Less Water!

Up to 90% (Yes!) less water. Our self-contained system uses water so efficiently that water loss is negligible. The system is uniquely-designed to deliver water to plants in the most efficient way possible.

Use Every Last Nutrient!

Aeroponic Towers use an Ionic, Natural Mineral Plant Food (more on that later). It’s the most advanced nutrient system available, and gives you total value. – Every drop is delivered directly to the plants roots,... and there is no waste.

Okay. But how does it work?

Great question. It’s a simple, brilliant design.


Essentially… You have a reservoir of water and natural nutrients, below a tower that’s planted chock-full of natural goodness.

Nutrients and water are moved in a periodic cycle that feeds the plants, and continuously oxygenates the solution… making the food (and the flavor) better and better.

A low-wattage pump delivers those highly-oxygenated nutrients directly to the plant’s roots, with almost no waste, automatically.

What’s left of the Ionic Mineral Solution falls back down into the reservoir and gets recycled. – And it makes a waterfall sound to boot. – You don’t just get a nice visual and culinary atmosphere, you get a refreshing waterfall sound that makes relaxation seem to just happen.

In the end… you get incredible food production, almost no waste, and the deepest nutrition that nature has yet achieved.

But to make it even better… We do the hard part!

Starting the plants, making sure that they’re winners, and all the other hard stuff is done off-site by our staff of gifted, green-thumbed Produce Whisperers…

Once you’re set up, your plants will be delivered, planted, and they grow right away!

You don’t have to sit around, waiting to get production and enjoyment happening.

This is starting to sound like a great idea!

Yep. It really is.

But more importantly…

You get “Totally Rad” Environmental Benefits! And the Safest Food Available!

Here are a few more important, scientific details.

put on lab coat… now 🙂

So what’s this “Ionic Solution,” and why it’s so good?

The proprietary Ionic Plant Food is the first of its kind. Solid, natural nutrition for your plants has never been easier.
(and you can taste the difference…)

Here’s a few facts to whet your appetite:

  1.  It’s a world first, but has been in use for years
  2.  Developed by leading experts in plant and human nutrition.
  3.  Makes plants grow faster.
  4.  Pesticide and Synthetic-Chemical Free. It is beyond Organic!
  5.  You can grow almost anything you want with it!
  6.  The Ionic Blend is basically just pure natural-magic
    (Well... it might as well be.)



Aeroponics is a booming technological
advance - And for good reason!

There’s no other system that comes close to the efficiency and production levels that you get when you use vertical aeroponics. It’s made it possible to grow almost anywhere!

You can have the produce, atmosphere, and reliability you need, without the work or worry. – That’s what Aeroponics and Copiana is really about.

So …
Let’s take it to the next level together!
Just let COPIANA show you how.