Assistant Greenhouse Grower

Posted 6 months ago

Bringing Local Produce to New Heights

Job Features

Job Type:Greenhouse
Type of Employment:Full Time
Job Description:An integral part of our operation is the team that works in our greenhouse. With 100 towers, a seedling operation, and new projects always in the pipeline we have housed a lot of exciting opportunities in one place! We are also excited to offer on the job training because we know aeroponic systems (and our business model) are revolutionary.
Primary Responsiblities:Maintaining the towers (including tower preparation, planting, pest management, weekly fertilizer application, and composting), executing the seedlings operation, harvesting, monitoring environmental factors through technology, record keeping, assisting in tours.
Requirements:A general knowledge for produce, ability to work outside in the summer heat and winter cold (this means arriving on time is essential to working safely), capable to lift 50lbs, ability to do repetitive tasks with focus, excellent teamwork and communication skills, high school diploma, and a valid driver’s license.

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